My Mom and I Count: How Many Times Did They Say “Italian” on Last Night’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey



Though we are also counting Nicole and Teresa’s father, Sal, who twice mentioned that they were having real Neapolitan cooking.  Neapolitan meaning Naples, not, if you are anything like me, the brain-fart question I came up with (for only a second) where is Neapoli? Don’t worry, I put it together.

On Bravo’s website this as the first line of the twins’ bio:

Nicole and Teresa are identical twins with an over-the-top Neapolitan style.

Papa Sal (wife of Santa) also reminded us that the Neapolitans, besides “the Hebrews and the Chinese,” are the only people who maintain their tradition.

Every housewife has to have their “thing,” I guess.

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