Sunday Night Pajamagram

Processed with VSCOcam

Shirt and shorts are from Forever21

I am, admittedly, a terrible photographer and an even worse selfie taker. There is just something that reeks of being deeply uncool to take a picture of yourself and post it on the internet. It requires a kind of vulnerability towards jest that I can’t access in myself. Nope. I am purely a landscape, clothes, and friends-out-to-dinner kind of Instagramer.

Last night, however, I was wearing some new pajamas that made me feel like Blair from Gossip Girl (I believe this to be a good thing). You can’t quite see it from the picture, but the bottoms are the perfect Blair shorts in the style of a mid-2000s Teen Vogue spread. Breton stripes seem to be a trend that can never die, so my shirt is both a throw-back AND very, very, current. Someone get me a headband and a rejection letter from Yale!

Here is my shame, my obsession, my selfie. I am not actually in the picture, I realize, but this is as good a first step as any. If I could just start an Instagram of my favorite clothing selfies, I think I might be able to get on board with the movement.

Do you selfie? What’s wrong with you?

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