Back to School (for Grown Ups Who Don’t Need to Go Back to School)

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Navy Backpack – Baggu (similar)

Boots - Zara

Boots – Zara

It’s fall, finally! Thank  goodness the incredibly hot summer we’ve been having in NYC is over. I’m ready for tights, jackets, scarves – and drinking hot coffee, as God intended.

Since I’ve finished college, my days of shopping for the perfect backpack or wandering around Staples with a supplies list are pretty much over. I don’t miss school per-say, but I do miss the process of renewal that each new school year brought.  So instead of pining for a feeling I never knew I would miss, I’ve decided that I was going to start my year fresh with some new duds and my own syllabus. As if I run The School of Genny, and I am it’s sole and best Professor.

Non-academic Syllabus for the Pretend School Year 2015-2016:

Course: Pop-culture and Feminism

  • Read the new issue of BUST magazine with Aidy Bryant on the cover. Tear out picture of Aidy looking French as hell and showing off her big beautiful legs, which will convince you to show off your big beautiful legs in a blogpost picture. Note that Aidy discusses how the few times she went out to audition for things before she got SNL, she was often cast as a Mom because of her size. Which will be funny to you because you’ve recently noticed that you are always a mother in your improv scenes… Remind yourself that anything can happen regardless of your size and wish that there are more role models out there for young plus-sized women everywhere. Decide to, “be your own hero.” (In the words of Whip It)
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  • Read the new issue of British Elle (in the bookstore. Because you will not pay the exchange fee for a foreign magazine. What are you, made of money?) with Emma Watson on the cover. Notice that Emma seems just as confused as you are about what you are doing with your life. Did she really want to be an actress? She doesn’t know. It was just something she did and now she is stuck with that decision. All she does know is that the work she does for the UN with her HeForShe campaign is the most gratifying job she is doing right now. Which will hit home with the feelings you’ve been having of doing work with deeper meaning. Note, for the umpteenth time, that you and Emma Watson would probably be friends, but that you are assuredly the Ron to her Hermione.
  • Attend one of the tour dates for Carrie Brownstein’s new novel Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. (NB: The show in Philadelphia is Carrie Brownstein WITH Aidy Bryant which might mean a quick trip home to Philly.)

Course: Reading Things that Aren’t Your Phone (For the Love of God, You Were an English Major, this is Embarrassing)

  • The Martian by Andy Weir (which is very, very good thus far and is to be read before viewing the movie staring Matt Damon)
Look a gif!

Look, a gif!

Course: Halloween Studies

  • IT by Stephen King, which is to be read by Halloween and is keeping with the tradition of reading 1 Stephen King novel a year

Course: Music

  • Attend the 10 year Anniversary show of Rabbit Fur Coat with Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins on February 3 a the Beacon  (tickets HAVE been purchased). Try not to cry.


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