Florals? For Fall? Groundbreaking.

(Note: for some reason this entire shoot I was giving resting bitchface, so apologies! Is this what I look like IRL, I wonder? anyway…) Inarguably, the best part of being a being a big-shot New Yorker, is getting the heck out of the city every once and a while. It’s true that there is a certain magic about New York in autumn, but as a former suburbanite from Pennsylvania, I miss the smell of burnt leaves and the beautiful fall colors. So I took a mini break and went back home, where things move a little bit slower.

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I kept calling this look, my “back from boarding school” outfit. It’s a little bit preppy, a little quirky, and somewhat school girlish, which is the sweet spot that I often aspire to achieve. I got the sweatshirt from The Gap, which is turning into one of my favorite summer to fall finds. The skirt is Old Navy (on sale), the boots are Timberlands, the jacket is Zara, and the scarf is a hand me down from my mother, though on the inside is a little tag from “Strawbridge & Clothier” (RIP).  The jacket is double layered somewhat out of style but also because it was slightly chilly that day and my jean jacket was not really cutting it.


I know the scenery is not as beautiful, but I figured you deserved to see what was going on underneath that jacket situation.

My mom and I did a very sly (wink) photoshoot at the local home goods store, Valley Forge Flowers. Which is just amazing and more beautiful in person. Inquiring minds might wonder if it is incredibly embarrassing to have your mother chase you around a home goods store while telling you to, “stop turning around,” because she can’t get the shot….the answer is yes.

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