A Master List of Feminist Approved Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so very close! Have you picked your costume yet? I am still toying around with ideas, but I’m essentially in the phase where I’ve given up on my BIG Halloween idea (ie the costume that is very complex and very unrealistic) and am trying to put something together that is both awesome and less than $20.

Group costume, anyone?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck like me and need a little inspiration (no shame, it happens to the best of us). So I’ve compiled some of my favorite Halloween idea lists and a few that I think would make amazing costumes. Enjoy!

Perhaps my favorite Halloween idea website that I’ve found this year is Take Back Halloween. A site devoted to creating positive female costume ideas that are not sexy, nor sexist.  Now I am not going to claim that these are easy costumes to pull off in 2 days, but they do inspire me to try and think outside the box. Take Back Halloween is also great because if they don’t have a sample image of the costume, they provide you with a helpful list of where to buy costume items and they include a short bio if you’ve never heard of such female icons as Emma Goldman or Queen Christina of Sweden.

Queen Christina of Sweden liked to dress like a man and eventually abdicated the throne to move to   Rome and become a Catholic. There’s some juicy historical gossip for ya! Photo Credit: Take Back Halloween

If you’re looking for some more modern inspiration, then I’d take a good long look at the Halloween list that writer Sarah Mirk compiled for Bitch Magazine. It might inspire you to consider going as Furiosa from Mad Max or even Patti Smith! Or what about FKA Twigs, or all of the clones from Orphan Black? Those are some A+ ideas to me!

If you’re jonesing for something with a little bit more of a political bent, than I would recommend browsing the hilarious list of Hillary Clinton costumes,  that span from Hilldy’s Lisa Simpson-like childhood, to some of those God awful outfits she wore in the 90’s.


They call this Hillary’s “hipster” phase. Photo Credit: HillaryClinton.com

And finally, here are some costume ideas that I personally have been dreaming about.

Becky’s Undead Prom Queen costume from Roseanne.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.40.48 PM

Thora Birch in Hocus Pocus

This specific version of Peggy from Mad Men

Happy haunting, everyone!

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