Drake Defends Former Rival Meek Mill Amid His Prison Sentence

Photo of Drake

Dave Simpson/Getty Images

  • Drake came to the defense of his long-time rival Meek Mill at his November 18th concert.
  • Meek was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison after violating his parole.
  • Jay-Z wrote an op-ed in thew New York Times condemning the decision.

Rapper Drake, surprised fans at the Melbourne, Australia performance of his Boy Meets World Tour by making a rare stance on behalf of former rap rival, Meek Mill.

Meek was recently sentenced to 2-4 years for violating his probation by a Philadelphia judge. A decision so divisive that Jay-Z wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, calling the piece, “Meek Mill and the Absurdity of The Criminal Justice System.” Wherein he states that because Meek has been on probation “for basically his entire adult life,” he “has been stalked by a system that considers the slightest infraction a justification for locking him back inside.” And criticizes the probation system as a way to “entrap and harass hundreds of thousands of black people every day.”

Jay’s words must have been left an impression because at his November 18th concert, Drake came to his long-time rival’s defense. Mingling with the crowd at one of his shows, the rapper noticed a fan wearing a shirt that said “Free Meek Mill” and echoed the sentiment, saying “I see you got the ‘Free Meek Mill’ t-shirt. Free Meek Mill too man, for real.  You right.”


This positive overture came as a surprise to fans, as Meek Mill and Drake have feuded in the past, after Drake declined to tweet and promote Meek’s album and  Meek shot back, accusing Drake of using a ghostwriter during their musical collaboration. Though recently, Drake has admitted that the feud between the two is “not something I’m proud of.”


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