My Week in Review

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This is going to be a double edition of My Week in Review because last week I didn’t get a chance to write a post. And by that I mean last week was one of these guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

First things first, I finished up Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth this week and it was incredible. I want to write a real review later, but if you haven’t gotten it yet, I would definitely put it on your wish list for the holidays.

Roasted Delicata Squash with Turmeric

Zahav’s Hummus ‘Tehina’

The 70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories in Pop-Culture History

Do you want a smart home?

Okay yeah, but this is not cute

Public art in NYC!

A whole month’s worth of good music for us all!

Divorce Depicts Relatable Fantasy of Having an Affair With Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords

Um, this is a picture of Channing Tatum.

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Two belles and a beast

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Ask Polly: Should I Start Blogging Again?

Ask Polly: Why was This Vacation Such a Disaster?

If there is one article you should definitely read, let it be this one about being well-educated and stuck doing work for rich people.

This woman literally sells shower curtains and I love how she dresses

If I haven’t gushed about Another Round on my blog yet then let me do so now. THIS PODCAST IS THE BEST. This episode about drugs, addiction, and race was particularly fascinating.

Album of the Week:

In honor of Halloween last week

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So there you have it! An extra-large weekly round-up for your weekend!

Happy Reading!

My Week in Review

Zadie Smith, Photo Credit Jackie Nickerson and the New York Times Magazine

What I read:

The Pieces of Zadie Smith  

Ask Polly: Why Won’t My Former Friends Forgive Me? 

All of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Gorgeous State Dinner Dresses

To the First Lady, With Love

Reddit Found a Woman Named Barb Who Looks Like Barb from Stranger Things

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

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Album of the Week:

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Happy Reading!

Un-Friending U



As part of my new school year resolutions, I’ve decided that I need to get better at friends – meeting them, encouraging friendships, and dealing with friendships that don’t work or are bad for me. We all have a few of those friendships that are terrible, hurt our self-esteem, linger too long and make us miserable. In my last blog post I mentioned an article from Ask Polly about breaking up with a crappy friend. (As a small sidebar, I’d like to mention how fantastic Polly is. I never thought that I’d have a favorite advice column because it feels like having a favorite astrologer or telephone psychic — you know, weird. People maybe would not think you respect yourself enough if you go around talking about how an advice columnist changed your life, but Polly’s advice is personal, very insightful for someone who isn’t a therapist, and most of all it makes sense. I can’t recommend her column enough. Sidebar over.) It really solidified for me that I have some bad friends habits, namely getting into friendships that are one-sided or just don’t work and that it’s time to cut them out.

On dealing with your bad friend, Polly says:

Is she a shitty person? Probably not! Maybe you remind her of someone from her family and she needs to work something out with that person, through you. She has just as much of a right to her issues as you do to yours. Issues are just deep, passionate desires covered in shame, dripped in extra shame, boxed up in shame, and tied up in a big shame bow. But once someone treats your issues like a big pile of unnecessary garbage, it’s hard to treat theirs with care, too. Two people with issues and baggage and subconscious confusion and shame in the mix need a lot of generosity and goodwill between them not to feel like they’re perched in the middle of an enormous garbage dump.

But you know what? Some people will welcome your garbage. You’ll knock on their door, feeling small, and they’ll welcome you in and they’ll make you tea and they’ll say, “Let’s go out back, where you can dump all that garbage onto the ground and we can sort through it together.” I know that sounds like a fantasy. But good, smart, patient friends who care a whole hell of a lot are not a fantasy. Be one to someone else, someone who deserves it, and you will find one or two or five or ten in return.

And if you feel sad, after you say good-bye to your bad friend, remember that it’s okay to continue to love something that’s gone, something that never worked to begin with, a broken thing. Endings are not always so neat. Our hearts crave old connections, even when we know they’re not good for us. It’s okay to feel melancholy over the loss of a close friend. It’s okay to not get over it immediately.

What’s not okay is asking for love, over and over again, from someone who can’t give it to you. No more going to the desert in search of a cherry Slurpee.

I asked my friend Sarah, who is a GREAT friend and has many great friends because of her greatness, how she has as many good friendships as she does.

All of my good friends are very similar to me. the two I’m really close with at school all have the same personality type as me. I confirmed it by making Meyers Briggs. It was bananas. literally the same. ENFP

Oddly enough I am also an ENFP, which neither of us knew before this conversation and I guess confirms our entire friendship.

She also said

One thing I’ve noticed is that I like people who are in tune with their social surroundings. People who are good at reading others and knowing when to say things when appropriate. It’s like….along the lines of having good EQ.

So these are two tricks from someone I consider to be a very considerate, thoughtful, and giving friend. I should also add that Sarah is great at sussing out BS in a person and great with drawing boundaries against unhealthy friendships. That is also half the battle when starting a new friendship.

So what are the things you look for in a friend and how do you find them? More importantly how do you make a clean-cut when deciding to end a friendship because I think it’s hard to be decisive.

~ * ~

ALSO, should I start an Ask Polly fan page? Asking for real because my love is for real.





Dietland: a Novel for the Angry Girl

Here is a little book review I did for a fantastic website, called Obvi We’re the Ladies ( Check them out!

Obvi, We're The Ladies

“We can’t hide it or fake it. We’ll never fit society’s idea for how women should look and behave, but why is that a tragedy? We’re free to live how we want. It’s liberating, if you choose to see it that way.”

Plum Kettle is in hiding. Her day job as a teen magazine advice columnist takes her as far as the coffee shop near her apartment, but she constantly fears being stared at, ridiculed, or even harassed for her weight. So Plum tucks herself away from the world, drowns out the fear with antidepressants and the desperate hope that weight-loss surgery will finally fix the life that she isn’t living – the life that doesn’t even feel like it’s hers.

Then one day Plum notices that she is being followed by a moody girl wearing combat boots. The girl leads Plum to Verena Baptist,  the owner of a feminist…

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National Read a Book Day: an Obvi Reading List

Obvi, We're The Ladies

It’s National Read a Book Day! It’s also finally beginning to feel like fall, so grab a plush blanket, fall into your comfy chair and open one of the Obvi team suggested reads! There’s a book on this list for everyone. Go ahead, get to know our favorite female characters.

12262741Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Annaliese Stockmeier says: “Wild is Cheryl Strayed’s honest, brave, and beautiful memoir about pain, loss, and nearly giving up, but pushing on. After the passing of her mother, Cheryl turns down a dark, self-destructive path, until she decides on a whim to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, having never done anything like that before in her life. Ultimately Cheryl is able to forgive herself for her mistakes and return to the woman she used to be, the woman her mother knew her to be. This is a book I will read again and again and cry…

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I Was a Secret High School Feminist

Obvi, We're The Ladies

I remember the first time I was outed as a feminist. My friends Anna, Mary, and I were sitting in the high school library, and Mary made some sort of crack about, “those awful feminists,” laughing at her own observation, and smiling knowingly as if we’d agree.

Crickets chirped. There was about 30 seconds of uncomfortable chair shifting. Then Anna gingerly (because sometimes you need to have a soft touch with someone who you think is being a complete dummy) and perhaps with a slight tinge of devilish satisfaction,  said, “You know Genny is a feminist.” 

I was a high school junior in 2007. Slightly before the question, “Are women funny?” was asked for the first time, and years away from when Beyonce would declare herself a FEMINIST in capital letters. There was no discussion in my classrooms about equal rights, there were no girls creating homemade signs telling…

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A Master List of Feminist Approved Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so very close! Have you picked your costume yet? I am still toying around with ideas, but I’m essentially in the phase where I’ve given up on my BIG Halloween idea (ie the costume that is very complex and very unrealistic) and am trying to put something together that is both awesome and less than $20.

Group costume, anyone?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck like me and need a little inspiration (no shame, it happens to the best of us). So I’ve compiled some of my favorite Halloween idea lists and a few that I think would make amazing costumes. Enjoy!

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*Wish Wish Wish* (Autumn Wishlist)

A lot of my picks for this fall are adjacent to the 70’s trend that’s going on right now. For instance, I have inexplicably been looking for the perfect velvet shoes and purse for about two months now. Did I ever consider velvet – which always reminds me of the Juicy velour track suit trend –  before August? Absolutely not, but now I can’t get the Claire V, Jeane bag out of my head (as shown below – and I know it’s suede, but velvet could be the cheaper version of  suede if you squint your eyes a little bit).  I’m also into very girly or feminine shoes – lots of Mary Jane looking flats and the trendy lace-up ballet flats that are everywhere.

There are some consistencies to my style, however. I will always like kitsch-y, feminist, girl-power accents. Like the line of t-shirts that Tuesday Bassen did (which goes up to a 2X!) featuring her popular Girls design, that is also a popular enamel pin. I’m not sure I’m into the enamel pin trend, in and of itself, but I love the Girls banner as a t-shirt. I also adore the special line that Claire V did especially for the Suffragette premiere and have been secretly hoping that it would become available to us non-celebrity folk.


And this isn’t even the best look from that movie.

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Florals? For Fall? Groundbreaking.

(Note: for some reason this entire shoot I was giving resting bitchface, so apologies! Is this what I look like IRL, I wonder? anyway…) Inarguably, the best part of being a being a big-shot New Yorker, is getting the heck out of the city every once and a while. It’s true that there is a certain magic about New York in autumn, but as a former suburbanite from Pennsylvania, I miss the smell of burnt leaves and the beautiful fall colors. So I took a mini break and went back home, where things move a little bit slower.

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