*Wish Wish Wish* (Autumn Wishlist)

A lot of my picks for this fall are adjacent to the 70’s trend that’s going on right now. For instance, I have inexplicably been looking for the perfect velvet shoes and purse for about two months now. Did I ever consider velvet – which always reminds me of the Juicy velour track suit trend –  before August? Absolutely not, but now I can’t get the Claire V, Jeane bag out of my head (as shown below – and I know it’s suede, but velvet could be the cheaper version of  suede if you squint your eyes a little bit).  I’m also into very girly or feminine shoes – lots of Mary Jane looking flats and the trendy lace-up ballet flats that are everywhere.

There are some consistencies to my style, however. I will always like kitsch-y, feminist, girl-power accents. Like the line of t-shirts that Tuesday Bassen did (which goes up to a 2X!) featuring her popular Girls design, that is also a popular enamel pin. I’m not sure I’m into the enamel pin trend, in and of itself, but I love the Girls banner as a t-shirt. I also adore the special line that Claire V did especially for the Suffragette premiere and have been secretly hoping that it would become available to us non-celebrity folk.


And this isn’t even the best look from that movie.

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Florals? For Fall? Groundbreaking.

(Note: for some reason this entire shoot I was giving resting bitchface, so apologies! Is this what I look like IRL, I wonder? anyway…) Inarguably, the best part of being a being a big-shot New Yorker, is getting the heck out of the city every once and a while. It’s true that there is a certain magic about New York in autumn, but as a former suburbanite from Pennsylvania, I miss the smell of burnt leaves and the beautiful fall colors. So I took a mini break and went back home, where things move a little bit slower.

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Do You Look to Straight Sized Women to Inspire Your Plus Size Aesthetic?

Alexa Chung for AG

Fat Alexa Chung

How many times have you been excited to see that your favorite celebrity or designer is doing a line for Target or H&M and then come to the crushing realization that they don’t include plus sizes? (I’m looking at you, Beyoncé) Admittedly, the plus size market is significantly better than it was five years ago. In high school, my options were Old Navy or…more Old Navy.

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Sunday Night Pajamagram

Processed with VSCOcam

Shirt and shorts are from Forever21

I am, admittedly, a terrible photographer and an even worse selfie taker. There is just something that reeks of being deeply uncool to take a picture of yourself and post it on the internet. It requires a kind of vulnerability towards jest that I can’t access in myself. Nope. I am purely a landscape, clothes, and friends-out-to-dinner kind of Instagramer.

Last night, however, I was wearing some new pajamas that made me feel like Blair from Gossip Girl (I believe this to be a good thing). You can’t quite see it from the picture, but the bottoms are the perfect Blair shorts in the style of a mid-2000s Teen Vogue spread. Breton stripes seem to be a trend that can never die, so my shirt is both a throw-back AND very, very, current. Someone get me a headband and a rejection letter from Yale!

Here is my shame, my obsession, my selfie. I am not actually in the picture, I realize, but this is as good a first step as any. If I could just start an Instagram of my favorite clothing selfies, I think I might be able to get on board with the movement.

Do you selfie? What’s wrong with you?