My Week in Review

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It was kind of a low reading week for me, but I did manage to finish The Clasp by Sloane Crosley which was okay ( like a 3/3.5), and I worked A TON.  Highlights from this week are from Ask Polly and Samantha Irby whose book, Meaty I finished last week and it was pretty great (like a 3.5/4)! Below is just a taste of the kind of writing that she does, but I’d also recommend checking out her blog

What I read:

Ask Polly: How Do I Dump my Crappy Best Friend  NY Mag this. article. I am obsessed with Ask Polly and this exactly why. There were moments when  had to physically remove my face from my phone because Polly was getting it too right.

Here’s How to Use a Bullet Journal for Better Mental Health  Buzzfeed

My Teen Boys are Blind to Rape Culture  The Washington Post

Both of these articles by Samantha Irby


Album of the week

Happy reading!